What people are saying..

"Having had many massages over the years I had never experienced an Esalen Massage. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised, this was truly the best massage I have ever had, Heather was fantastic. I like a lot of pressure and also relaxation and this massage provided both. I have never left a massage feeling so loose, comfortable and relaxed. Normally if I have relaxation massage none of my knots and issues are really addressed but I am relaxed or if I go for deep tissue the knots are gone but it was painful not relaxing and you hurt for a few days after.

Please if you need problems addressed and want to relax at the same time I HIGHLY recommend Heather."  Yvonne P

What is Esalen® Massage and how can it benefit me?

Esalen® Massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic form of bodywork that can reduce the stress and strains of everyday life, leaving the receiver with a profound sense of wellbeing. Esalen massage is set apart us a unique style because it also reflects an attitude about the healing value of touch, the quality of presence the practitioner brings to the work, energy awareness and emotional, spiritual healing alongside physical manipulation. For more information about why this form of bodywork is good for you please read my Esalen Article. This form of massage can benefit the following conditions and can be both a treat and a treatment!

Muscle and Joint Pain
Headache/Back & Neck Pain

Esalen® Massage was developed over the last 50 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. It is characterised by an intuitive, personal approach that combines many different disciplines and influences (like Swedish massage, yoga stretches and even 5 rhythms dance) with long flowing strokes over the body that help release the stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed. At the heart of each session is a sense of empowering each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence and balance and to awaken inner resources for healing.

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